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Community Sports Program

Many children especially girls do not have access to sports in the community. The community grounds are generally occupied by physically stronger male youth who engage in local sports such as Cricket and Kabaddi. Girls and many smaller children do not have access to the community playground.

Using mixed-gendered sports that balance physical strength with other skills such as cognition, communication, problem-solving and collaboration, we engage boys, girls and different age groups of children together in sports.

It helps to develop mutual respect between diffrent genders and age groups.

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In the last 5 years, we have impacted 31 communities in three diffrent states working with more than 1800 children. 

Program Outcomes:

The sports program helped in the holistic development of children. The attendance at school increased because of the program and children participated more in the classroom.

Shekhar Jha, School Principal, Ranchi

Program in partnership with other non-profit organizations

To increase the outreach of the Monkey Sports Community Program, we have partnered with several education organizations like Quest Alliance, Rainbow Homes, Plan India and Bettiah Diocesan Social Service Society. 

Through the partnership, we provide age-appropriate curriculum, training to the community, and monitoring and reporting to effectively deliver the program.

To see the impact of the training program click here.


To partner with us, to implement a sports program in your community, school or your work with children, please reach out to