Social Emotional Learning Program

We all have heard about the Happiness Curriculum integrated into the Delhi Education System. The Happiness Curriculum that consists of different activities for children, parents and teachers has led to a positive culture in schools such as better teacher-student relationships, less bullying at school and parents caring more about children’s education. The Happiness Curriculum is a project derived from the bigger umbrella of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL refers to the process of integrating thinking, feeling, and behaving to become aware of self and others. 

Research for social-emotional learning started as early as 1995 in the United States and from there it has been implemented in various countries. Even the New Educational Policy of 2019 talks about its importance in school. Integration of SEL has been shown to create several benefits in the school system. Proper implementation of the plan can lead to a decrease in school drop rates and even children performing better in academics.

SEL can help children to increase their mental resilience to help them to deal with daily challenges. Children showing better social-emotional skills are shown to be less engaged in anti-social behaviors such as substance abuse (smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking). With the unpresented situation that has been created because of school closure, children have been feeling lonely, anxious, and depressed. The need for such program has never been more!


No. Of Schools -13

No. of Children – 1900

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