Using Frisbee to build 21st Century Life Skills in Children

What are 21st-century life skills?

The focus of school education has been on memory learning. However, the needs of the 21st century are diffrent. For example, the report from the World Economic Forum highlights that only 1 / 5 Engineers, 1/10 graduates and 1 / 4 management students are employable.

What the data reveals is that there is a huge gap between education which was designed during the industrial age and the job that exists now in the 21st century.

Even the New Education Policy emphasises the importance of 21st-century life such as communication, collaboration, empathy and problem-solving.

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  Why Frisbee? 

Frisbee is a mix-gender, non-contact, self-referred team sport. The children are their own referees giving them the responsibility to resolve their own conflicts in non-violent ways. The game helps children learn collaboration skills, conflict resolution and communication.

Program Outcomes:


About the Coach and Founder

Kushal has been working in the sports development sector for the last five years and has directly worked with more than 1,000 children.

Kushal is a sports management professional with a master’s degree from Springfield College, USA. Before pursuing his master’s degree, Kushal worked for an IT firm for six years.

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