Support one child’s care for one month


Through the donation, you will be supporting the care of one child for one month

Support care and education of one child for one month at Rs. 500.

One of the main problem children living in marginalized communities in Raigarh face neglect and abuse at home. Many children also witness domestic violence which causes emotional stress leading to learning difficulties, low self-esteem.

Children need a role model in their lives.

We train community youth to become role models in children’s lives.  We call them Sangwari which means a friend in Chhattisgarhi.

Through our Sangwari-led program, we are intervening in the following areas: 

(Sangwari are youth from the same community. They are college going students. Mostly girls. Sangwari in Chhattisgarhi means friends of children)

  1. The Sangwari run regular sports sessions for children to build their coping mechanisms to deal with emotional stress at home. 
  2. The Sangwari help raise awareness in the community. Take help from self-help groups and gram panchayat members to deal with issues such as alcohol consumption and neglect of children.
  3. The Sangwari activate the school management committee in school and take help from teachers to raise awareness among parents about education, and gender norms.

It takes only Rs. 500 to support care for one child for one month. 

Each Sangwari is paid Rs. 1500 per month to support the intervention. We currently have 7 volunteers working in 6 schools with 58 children.