Gurukul – Life Skill Education

India has always boasted of a rich tradition in the area of learning and education since ancient times. It is well known that people from other parts of the world such as Europe, the Middle East, and Portugal came to India to get a quality education. One of the famous educational systems practiced in India in ancient times was The Gurukul System.

Gurukul System focused on arts, sports, crafts, singing that developed children’s intelligence and critical thinking. Activities such as yoga, meditation, etc generated positivity and peace of mind and made them fit. It was also mandatory to do daily chores on own with a motive to impart practical skills in them. All these helped in personality development and increased their confidence, sense of discipline, intellect, and mindfulness which is necessary even today to face the world that lay ahead.

The four main areas of life skill education are:

Personality Development

Personality is developed through self-realization and self-respect. The end goal of the program is to build self-awareness ie. knowing oneself intimately. Good judgment had to be developed through practice. Daily tasks focused on physical, mental, and emotional development. Students built their personalities in a multidimensional manner.

Character Building (Resilience)

Through the program, children are taught about eating healthy food, good behavior, and high ideals. Reflection and meditation are used to build Resilience in children so that they can deal with the everyday challenges of their lives.

Performance of Civic and Social Duties

Children are encouraged to be more responsible by engaging them in daily tasks such as cleaning and organizing their rooms. They are also taught about duties as a student and a child to their parents.


Teaching children empathy and spirituality so that they can understand the problems of other people in their lives.

No. Of Schools: 4

No. of Children: 352

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