Football Academy

Football is a great team sport to teach children about different life skills. However, in the football academy the extrinsic motivation is to teach children the technical skill. Football has become a global sport and we believe that in India we do have a lot of untapped potential.

Encouraging children to play football at the grassroots level will help to promote the sports and also to develop India as a better sporting nation.

Working at the grassroot level , we have identified that most of the children have played games that require hand involvement ,so it is easier for them to pick up games like badminton , cricket & Volleyball. So, when we start teaching the children about football, most of the children go into their old habits and start dribbling the ball with their hands. Another problem is children running behind the ball. Even after training and explaining several times, it is a very common occurrence to see children leaving their position and running behind the ball.

This happens because most of the coaches focus on teaching skills such as dribbling , passing and shooting. While we have a different approach to our program. From the beginning itself, we want the children to find spaces and pass the ball. We encourage the children to look at the bigger picture of scoring goals and finding the easiest way to achieve it.

Through our technique ,we have seen that children enjoy the game more and also learn faster. Kushal Agarwal, founder of Monkey Sports, learned the teaching methodology while conducting a grassroot coaching program in Massachusetts organized by US Soccer.

Thorough our program we have have created an impact in :

No of Schools: 8

No. of children : 120

Click here to watch our practice session.

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