Courses for Teachers

Many studies show that teachers in government schools have been feeling anxious, lonely, stressed and lost because of lack of support by administration, work/life balance, a lack of autonomy and decision-making power. 

Through workshops, we teach different strategies to teachers so that they can better manage their emotions and can understand the emotions of children so that children can feel safe at school.

They may be several reasons due to which teacher interests have faded from their works few of which I am highlighting below:

Routine Life – Anyone who keep continuing their job without much change gets bored with their life especially if they don’t find their role challenging.

Systematic Issues – The way teachers are treated by the system rips them off their dignity.  How else the under-confident will behave?

No Appreciation – Even the good teachers are not appreciated by the system creating low motivation and burnout.

Difficult Job- Contrary to belief, the primary school teaching is a very challenging and difficult role. Apart from teaching, teachers is involved in thankless administrative work.


We have conducted the Managing Emotion courses for 25 teachers. 91% of the teachers found the course useful and wanting to have more sessions.





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