Coronavirus-Related Awareness

Monkey Sports is a social enterprise with the mission to improve physical and mental ability of children through the power of sports. World Health Organization recommends that children should play for at least 1 hour each day. But with the current lockdown due to corona virus , the children are spending all their time at home. Children are spending a large amount of that time playing video games and watching television.

Because of that children’s mental stress is increasing and the physical needs are not being fulfilled. This can have a long term effect on children’s habit on learning and behavior.

Our team has decided to create innovative games that can be played at home with only 2-3 players and with minimum equipment. The games consists of board games, yoga exercises and physical activity.Parents can engage their children in physical activity by using these games. It will help create a positive environment at home and improve communication between parents and children. The program will also ensure that when children get back to school, they are active and ready to learn with less stress syndrome.

I hope you will enjoy our games!

Here is report on the Physical and Mental Health of Children during Lock down.. Click here!

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