Our Mission

Our mission is to build personality, character, ethics & spirituality in children through sports. By doing so, we aim to foster an ideology of a balanced life in children so that the children can make informed decisions in their lives.

Monkey Sports is a social enterprise that is trying to use sports to promote quality education and well-being of children in schools. Established in 2018, Monkey Sports has grown in scope and scale and now works in different areas of Sports for Development.


Monkey Sports follows the ideology to promote a balanced lifestyle in children so that children can make informed decisions related to their daily lives.

Private schools in India follow the centralized system brought to India in the year 1835 by Lord Macauley. This system of education has created a Rat Race where the children who succeed become a victim of Narcissism (the belief that they are the center of Universe) and children who fail become a victim of depression and mental health issues.

Click here to watch a Ted Talk given by Sir Ken Robinson.

In a study conducted by India Psychological Journal among the 1412 students selected in Patna, the prevalence of depression was found to be 49.2%. Guilty feeling (69.48%) was one of the most prominent clinical factors associated with depression followed by pessimism (58.14%), sadness (56.52%), and past failure (55.81%).

​The inability to cope with academics at the school was another leading reason followed by problematic relationships and economic difficulty. Other factors such as parental fighting, punishment at home or school, teasing at school, loss of parents, and substance abuse had a minor effect.

That’s why we have created Monkey Sports. The name Monkey sports defy the casualness of playing sports. In our program, we have undermined the regular competitiveness and rules that come with playing sports. We are trying to change the traditional way to define winning to teamwork, Fairplay, and cooperation.

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