Our Mission

To design and implement interventions targeted towards handling children’s emotional stress with a final aim to improve learning outcomes, reduce absenteeism and control behavioural issues such as violence and substance abuse.

 Our Vision

We envision a world in which all children receive relevant and adequate support to enable them to attain an excellent education.

Our Values

At the root of our program is the human connection and relationship between the children and coaches.

We conducted a survey in seven communities with more than fifty children and we found that 70% of children faced issues such as neglect, violence and abuse at home and in the community. In the community, both parents are engaged as daily wage workers, a job which is physically demanding. It leads to consumption of alcohol, domestic violence at home and children missing out on basic care for their growth and development.

We train the facilitators to improve their empathy and listening skills so they can build trust and act as role models in children’s lives.

Our core belief to drive any social change, trust and respect between two parties are necessary.


Our Team

Director & Founder
My name is Kushal and I have a total of 4.5 years
Project Coordinator
Avinash Pandey is a development professional with over 6 years of experience
Business Development Executive & Coach
Ravi Ranjan is a school coach with experience of working with more
Anisha is the one of the first female coach at Monkey Sports.
Football Coach
Annapurna is a football coach who has played and coached at various
Ravi Samuel is a national coach of Australian Football. He is a
Rose is a resident of Ranchi and has completed her graduation from

Advisory Board

Dr. McAllister is the chair of the department of Sport Management and Recreation at Springfield College. Dr. McAllister has worked for Marriott Corporation and has served as a local and national board  in governance and sport development.

At Monkey Sports, Dr. McAllister advice the team on key metrics to drive business and measure the impact of the program.