NGO WALE DUKAN CHALATE HAI ” A relative told me this when I was visiting my home town. He was angry with me and looked at me like I was a thief.

He further added “100 rupaiye mein se 20 rupaiye khud rakh lete hai. Agar paisa khud rakh lete hai to NGO Kaise hua? Social Service kaise hua?”

I tried to calm him down telling: “Sahi bol rahe hai. Dukan hi chala rahe hai. Lekin thoda sa antar hai. Jo Dukan chalate hai woh fayda ka saara paisa jeb mein rakhe lete hai. NGO wale jo paisa bachta hai, woh wapas social kaam mein lagate hai.”

He got further agitated “Sab juth hai! Sab paisa jeb mein rakh lete hai! Inhe to free fokat ka paisa chahiye. Hum itne mehnat se paisa kamaye kyo de!”

I thought for a minute and tried to explain: ” Accha Aap doctor ko paise dete hai? “

Relative: “Haa, dete hai “

Me : Kyo?

Relative: Kyo ki woh humara ilaaz karta hai.

Me: Ussi se kyo ilaaz karwate hai? Khud se kyo nai kar lete hai?

Relative: Are.. woh padhai kiye hai . Expert hai. Jankari hoti hai.

Me: Lekin woh kyo paisa lete hai ? Woh bhi ek social kaam hai? Woh bhi free mein hona chahiye?

Relative: Fir unka ghar kaise chalega. 

Me: Aap bataiye fir, NGO mein kaam karne walo ka ghar kaise chalega.

Me: Woh bhi college mein padh kar aaye hai. Alag alag subject sociology, political science, social development padh kar aur kaam karke ke hi woh expert bane hai. NGO ka kaam kewal kapda aur khana batana thodi hota hai.”

Relative: Haa, woh sab thik hai. Paper mein padhte nai ho. NGO wale kitna ghotala karte hai

Me: News mein to business man ke tax fraud ke baar mein bhi aata hai. Celebrities ke baare mein bhi aata hai. To kya sab aise hi hai.

He was about to reply something but we got called on by someone for lunch and the conversation ended there.

What do you think? Are people working in NGOs contributing to society or are they all corrupt? Please write your comments below.


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Mr Kushal Agarwal is the founder of Monkey Sports. Since its inception in 2018, Monkey Sports has worked with 1900 + children in 14 schools.


  1. Nikhil says:

    We have different mentality people all across the globe, when people get across these terms like ngo’s or certain organisation whose motif is welfare of society through different mediums, according to me they can’t digest the fact that even at this age where there is only Run of money making, corruption and people rely only on materialistic pleasure..there are still few groups who are working on welfare of the society. So deep down they know the value of these but due to envy or due to their pre conceived notion..they try to ignore the facts and find certain reasons to defame social workers.. because they themselves aren’t into this. We should focus on our work keeping all the negatives aside.

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