Children’s Right

When I visit schools, teachers often say that we need to generate a little fear in children, we need to beat them a little bit because children don’t know what is right and wrong.

I feel like replying back and saying that in that case, we should also let women be hit by their male partners.  Because many males believe that women do not have a brain and do not know what is right and wrong. If that is the case, the use of violence against women is justified.

I know that if I say something like this, teachers will be shocked! They will think, how can this person talk about hitting women?  They will think how can I say such nonsense about using violence against women!!

In my defence, I would like to say to them that I am using the same logic that they have applied in the case of children. So, why don’t they like what I am saying now?

Just think, only a few years back and even now, men would frequently use violence against women. The main reason for this is because they believe that men are stronger than women and therefore, they do not face the danger of retaliation.

Isn’t the same logic applied in the case of children? Aren’t children being hit because they are physically weaker and because we believe we are doing that for their own good?

That is why, I find it absurd when teachers and adults talk about rights such as women’s rights, and teachers’ rights. Why they are not able to understand these rights when it is a matter of children?

I believe that violence is a pandemic like a coronavirus and spreads very fast from one human being to another. Like coronavirus, it may originate in a small city and spread around the globe very quickly.

The roots of violence in our society are very deep, in our house, violence may be started by a father or husband, but outside the house, the cause of violence may be the boss of the father and then his boss. The violence in society is interconnected and is based on societal norms.

It is very difficult to end violence in society and this is the reason we justify violence against children to make them strong.

Several measures are been taken all around the globe to reduce violence and Gandhi Ji’s non-violence movement was one of that efforts.  As an individual also, we can take learn various conflict resolution strategies to deal with violence. One just strategy is being able to recognize and manage our emotions. Monkey Sports works towards building these skills in children, teachers and parents.


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Mr Kushal Agarwal is the founder of Monkey Sports. Since its inception in 2018, Monkey Sports has worked with 1900 + children in 14 schools.

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